2018 Rule Change Webinar

The Rules Webinars are ready for all to access.  I want to thank our Information Officer for assisting in getting these Webinars onto the web site.

Managers, coaches, umpires should take advantage of these Webinars.  They are a self-paced program and should be completed in the following order:

***NOTE: To hear the narration, please download the slide deck to your computer, and play with PowerPoint. To download, select the 'Download' button in the top right corner of the page and select 'Direct Download'.***

Intro and Changes for the 2018
Rule 2
Rule 1

The Following Rules are completed except for narration and as they are done I will send them to our information officer for inclusion to our web-site.  Again, they should be done in this order:

Rules 3
Rule 4(a)
Rule 5
Rule 8 (BB)
Rule 8 (SB)

I separated Rule 8 for Baseball and Softball. Please listen to the Webinar that pertains to you.  Umpires that do both Baseball and Softball should do both.

The following Rules have not been completed, but when they are I will again send them to our information officer and they should be completed in the following order:

Rule 6
Rule 7
Rule 4(b)
Rule 9

During each Webinar, please take notes and should you have any questions, you can email those questions to uic@everettlittleleague.org or ta.nealump@gmail.com.

Please as you go through each Webinar, please be open to giving constructive criticism, as this is a first-year attempt.  Any improvements or changes will be handled as necessary.

Thank you all for your involvement in Everett Little League.


Tim Neal


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