In Memory of Joe Fisher

We lost a good friend and in his honor we are going to be raising funds to purchase a couple Automated External Defibrillators.  Please help us reach our goal of having one of these at the Garfield and Madison locations.  We are learning more about how lives can be saved if one of these is on site and used when it advises to.  Donations are being accepted by mail and we have drop off locations at each of our concession stands.

Brown Bear Car Wash

If you were not able to pick up your tickets on Opening Day please call Ann and she will have you sign out for them.  As of June 22nd she still has 16 that need to be signed out for.  Please call her at 425-319-0204.


Registration for Fall Ball is OPEN!  Cost is $50 per player.  Register by 8/7/16 in order to ensure your spot.  You may register for fall ball by clicking the Member Login or for more information, click HERE.  Registration is open for the following categories.

Baseball 7-8 year olds

Baseball 9-11 year olds

Baseball 10-11 year olds

Baseball 11-12 year olds

Baseball 13-15 year olds


Softball 7-8 year olds

Softball 9-11 year olds


This is just a reminder, there are no employees in Everett Little League.  From the President to the Umpires, Coaches to Concessions, Lawn Maintenance to Player Agents, ALL VOLUNTEER for the kids to have a fun and safe league to play in. We need new volunteers to step up so start considering in what level you want to help.


    Posted July 19, 2016

    Fall Ball registration is OPEN!

Posted Apr 1, 2016

We were able to capture some wonderful photos of our 2016 Opening Day.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


Everett Little League
PO Box 12946
Everett, WA 98206


Garfield 425-258-3149

Madison 425-355-0112

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