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Registration Verification
Posted Feb 24, 2015

We had a table set up during Opening Day (March 21) for age verification. If you are new Everett Little League (excluding if you were in NELL or SELL last year) or new to the area you we need to verify your players date of birth and address.  If you missed doing this on Opening Day, please contact Scott for an appointment.

Acceptable forms can be found on the following link:

For more information on Opening Day please refer to the Web-site or your players coach (once contacted)

Email Scott at

This is what's happening!

VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED for positions that are still open.  The Executive Board consists of 11 people and they cannot be the only ones, besides the Managers and Coaches giving their time to make sure the kids are getting a great experience in Little League.  These are just some of the positions still open:

Concession Stand Workers; you will be put on a scheduled to work on days/evenings games will be going on at our Home Fields at Madison and Dave Sommers (Garfield).  Teams will be assigned weeks so we will have a large number of volunteers to assist in these locations, we want to make sure we have a strong support system in these kitchens to help when spots need to be filled. We have some of the schedule posted so you can see what times are available and get back to us if there is a time you want us to put you in for.  This is a fun activity to do with a friend and make new ones.  The schedule will be posted soon and if you would like to sign up for a day contact us at or call Ann Smith at 425-319-0204. A food handlers license is needed if you are going to be working the grill or putting burgers and hotdogs together. We are having a class on April 6th at 6pm at the Clubhouse at Garfield.  E-mail us to reserve your spot  If you would like to do this from home, use this link and forward us your receipt.

Uniform Coordinator: We will be needing to get our All Star Uniforms and other Fan Gear later in the year and it would be more than helpful to have someone take this task on other than an Executive Board Member. Getting bids from uniform suppliers and presenting your findings to the board for approval and then ordering the uniforms and hats.  Again, we have helpers to assist you through this.

Fund Raising Coordinator: This is just what it sounds like.  We need someone to be the main contact person for the fund raising that will be going on throughout the year.  We have several fund raisers already planned so the majority of this is already up and going.  We just need a “front person” to report back to the board and make sure the fundraisers are happening at a reasonable time and running smoothly.

Please help us out, this is a lot of work for just 11 people to tackle and we are always looking for talented volunteers to help the league run smoothly.  For more information contact Michelle Brown at or Sean Talt at


Contact Us

If you have any questions, please email them to any of the following Executive Board members:

Bob Harns, EVLL President at

Michelle Brown, EVLL Vice President of Baseball at

Mary Sesso, EVLL Vice President of Softball at

Sean Talt, EVLL Information Officer at



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Golf Tournament May 2nd
Posted Mar 11, 2015

Be sure to check out the Golf Tournament Tab for more information on the 6th Annual Golf Tournament on May 2nd.


A Night with the AquaSox
Posted Mar 18, 2015

Each year we try to get out as a group to cheer on the AquaSox.  This year that day is June 20th.  Ticket Order Forms are available by clicking here and we ask that you return this to your coach by May 25th.  Tickets are going to be printed in mid May so we can't get anything to you until we have them.  Tickets are just $10 each!

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