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Every year a few of our Sponsors would like to offer coupons or discounts to our Everett Little League family.  Please be sure to use these coupons when visiting their business.

Brien Ford

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Winter Training

Winter Training registration is OPEN!! Sign up now for the 10 weeks, 90 minute sessions for just $50 a kid. These spots will fill up fast and there are just 80 slots to be filled for our 9 to 18 year olds (56 for baseball and 24 for softball) and 20 for our 5 to 8 year olds! ALL Winter Training Registrations are going to be done through the Member Login and if the child isn't registered we can not let them in. Please don't make us have to turn your child away because you didn't register them before dropping them off. 

SPOTS ARE FILLING UP FAST: As of 11/24 at 3:20 pm we have 56 registered for BB 9-18 year olds, this is now FULL*. 18 for BB 5-8 year olds, there are 2 spots still open and 4 are registered for the Softball 9-18 year olds, there are 20 spots still open here.  Where are our ladies at?!  If you have questions on who is running the softball program, please email us.  VicePresidentsb@everettlittleleauge.org.

* For BB 9-18, you may register for the waitlist.  If there is enough additional interest, we will look at adding another session with the day/time to be determined based on availability.

Spring Season Registration to Open Dec 2nd
Posted Nov 8, 2015

Registration will open for the Spring Season of baseball and softball on December 2nd, and it's going to put a smile on your child's face to let them know that you have them registered for the upcoming season.  We are making plans for some fun events this year and have listened to your ideas on how to make things easier for families to participate in our fundraisers. Register early to take advantage of the early registration discount.  Just click the MEMBER LOGIN at the upper right corner to get started on the 2nd.

Everett Little League Board of Directors

We still need volunteers to fill the vacant spots.  We have people to help you when and where you need it, be a volunteer and help the kids' seasons be better.

2015/2016 Executive Board 

President: Bob Harns, President@everettlittleleague.org    

Vice President Baseball: Rick Bergmans, VicePresident@everettlittleleague.org

Vice President Softball & T-Ball: Kevin Thomas, VicePresidentSB@everettlittleleague.org

Coaching Cordinator : Jeff Lockhart, coachcoordinator@everettlittleleague.org

Baseball Player Agent: Darryl Moss, PlayerAgent@everettlittleleague.org

Secretary: Sean Talt, Secretary@everettlittleleague.org 

Treasurer: Ann Smith, Treasurer@everettlittleleague.org 

Safety Officer: Aaron Austin, Safety@everettlittleleague.org

Umpire In Chief (UIC): Cherilyn Williams, Umpireinchief@everettlittleleague.org

Information Officer: Greg Leigh, Informationofficer@everettlittleleague.org 

Umpire In Chief (UIC): Cherilyn Williams, Umpireinchief@everettlittleleague.org 
Juniors/Intermediate Director: Vacant, JuniorsDirectorBB@everettlittleleague.org
Big League Director: Vacant, BigsDirectorBB@everettlittleleague.org 
Majors Director: Vacant, MajorsDirectorBB@everettlittleleague.org 
Minors Director: Terrance Broadus, MinorsDirectorBB@everettlittleleague.org
Rookies Director: Vacant, RookiesDirectorBB@everettlittleleague.org
T-Ball Director: Ryan Keith, TeeBallDirector@everettlittleleague.org
Juniors Director: vacant
Seniors Director: vacant 
Minors Director: vacant, MinorsDirectorSB@everettlittleleague.org
Majors Director: vacant, MajorsDirectorSB@everettlittleleague.org
Rookies Director: vacant, RookiesDirectorSB@everettlittleleague.org
Equipment Manager: vacant, equipment@everettlittleleague.org
Sponsor Coordinator: vacant, sponsors@everettlittleleague.org
Fundraising Coordinator: vacant, fundraising@everettlittleleague.org
Field Maintenance Coordinator: vacant, fieldmaintenance@everettlittleleague.org
Uniform Coordinator: Sean Talt, uniforms@everettlittleleague.org
Concession Coordinator: vacant, snackshack@everettlittleleague.org 

Read about just some of the benefits from volunteering.

Brien Ford Coupon

Use any service at Brien Ford and receive a $10 discount...Plus        Everett Little League receives a $10 donation.  If you purchase a car, we will receive a $150!  Click here for your coupon.


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