2019 Fall Ball

Registration for Fall Ball is OPEN! Fall ball is designed as a developmental league, where players can improve their skills in preparation for next season. Practices will begin in August and games will run approximately 6 weeks, starting the week of September 3rd and ending on October 19th. The cost is $60/player and EvLL will be offering the following divisions:

Sport/Division League Age (2019) Diamond Size Pitching Games / Week Division Notes
Baseball Juniors 13 - 15 yrs 90 ft. Player 2 - 3 * 15 yr old cannot pitch
BB Intermediate 11 - 12 yrs 70 ft Player 2 - 3*
Baseball Majors 10 - 11 yrs 60 ft. Player 2
Baseball AAA 8 - 9 yrs 60 ft. Player 2 Experienced 8 yr olds.
Baseball Farm 7 - 8 yrs 60 ft Combination (machine/player) 2 Recommended for NEW 8 yr olds
Softball Juniors 12 - 13 yrs 60 ft. Player 2 - 3*
Softball Majors 9 - 11 yrs 60 ft. Player 2
Softball Rookie 7 - 8 yrs 60 ft Coach 2

* Baseball 13-15 yrs & 11-12 yrs and Softball 12-13 yrs may offer double header games on weekends with the option for weeknight games.

The league age listed above is the SAME as your league age during the 2019 Spring Season. Registrations for players under league-age 7 are not allowed regardless of the division they played in during the Spring Season. Players may elect to play "up" at the leage age they will attain for the following spring season. Contact our fall ball director if you would like to elect to play up.

Fall Baseball is open to players that reside within the EvLL boundaries. "Fall Ball" is an instructional program that focuses on player development. Teams consist of 12-15 players, use a continuous batting order, limit a player to no more than 2 innings in one position (except catcher), and play at least 4 defensive innings if possible. Fall Ball is interleague play with other District 1 leagues so there will be some travel to game locations outside of Everett.

There are no tryouts for Fall Ball and "buddy" requests will be considered but are not guaranteed.

To register, please click HERE. You will need to register by August 5th in order to ensure your spot. If you have any questions about fall ball, please email our Fall Ball Director at fallball@everettlittleleague.org.