Badge Pictures

Thank you to everyone who has requested to be a volunteer with Everett Little League.

Also, a BIG Thank You to all that have completed your background check and helping EvLL maintain one of the many aspects of safety for the kids.
The next step is to get a NEW badge to show that you are an approved 2020 volunteer for EvLL. You must get a new badge for each year. Which means your badge from previous years is no longer valid.
We have changed the process of getting your badge printed. You will email us your picture/selfie along with the info that is required.
Please follow the steps below:
  1. Click HERE to send your badge picture! A new email message will pop up asking you to fill out necessary information and attach a picture/selfie.
  2. Fill out the necessary information (so we know who you are and which manager to send the badge to).
  4. Click SEND.
We will get your badge to the manager of your kids team.
Background Check walkthrough
Board Members
Read to learn about just some of the responsibilities each of our Board Members takes on. If you would like to take part in being a Board Member, we would love to hear from you.