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Q: Which division should my child play in? Can you tell me the difference between the divisions?

A: First, determine your child's "league age" through the appropriate link here. Then, see table below showing differences between the divisions, including number of days per week, age groups, and different rules.

DivisionLeague AgePlayer Evaluations?Season Dates# of Events* / WeekNotes
Tee Ball4 - 6NoMid Mar - Early Jun2Co-Ed. 1 Hour or 3 innings. No score kept. Continuous batting order.
Rookies6 - 8NoMid Mar - Early Jun31.5 Hours. No score kept. Continuous batting order.
6-yr olds can attend a try up to play in Rookies if they have played a minimum of 1 year in tee ball.
AAA 9 - 11YesMid Feb - May42 Hours or 6 innings max. Continuous batting order. Developmental.
8-yr olds can attend a try up to play in Minors. Must attend a min of 1 player evaluation session.
Majors10 - 12YesMid Feb - May5Competition. 6 innings max. Position-specific skills. Must attend a min of 2 player evaluation sessions.
Intermediate11 - 13YesTBDTBD50' pitching / 70' basepaths. Leadoffs & pickoffs.
Juniors13 - 14YesTBD5 - 660' pitching / 90' basepaths. 9-person lineup.
Seniors15 - 16YesTBD5 - 69-person lineup. Competitive.

* Total # of games and/or practices per week.

Q: What equipment is necessary?

A:  For Baseball Programs:
The league provides a hat and a jersey. You are responsible for baseball pants, socks, belt, cleats, glove, helmet and bat. The team's manager may assign specific colors. If you need more information about bats, including which ones are legal, click HERE.  Please communicate with your coach if your athlete has a need for equipment.  
A: For Softball Programs: 
The league provides a jersey, socks and a belt. You are responsible for pants, cleats, glove, helmet, bat & fielders mask.  The team's manager may assign specific colors.  If you need more information about bats, including which are legal, click HERE.  Please Please communicate with your coach if your athlete has a need for equipment.    

Q: When does the season start?

A: Practices for AAA division and above typically start around March 1st, with games beginning around the end of March and running through the end of May. Rookies and Tee Ball typically start practicing around mid-March with games beginning in April and running through early June.

Q: Can my child play up to the next division?

A: If a 6-year old child has played at least 1 year of tee ball, they may attend a try up to play in Rookies. Likewise, an 8-year old child may attend a player evaluation session to try up for Minors.

Q: What do tryouts consist of?

A: Player Evaluations for Majors and AAA typically consists of hitting, catching fly balls, and fielding grounders and is only meant to give the coaches an idea of the child's ability. It is not a test.

Q. Who must attend player evaluations?

A: There are player evaluations for the AAA division and above. For AAA, we require attending a minimum of 1 player evaluation session so that the coaches may evaluate the player with the idea that going into the draft, all teams will be relatively even. You must attend a minimum of 2 player evaluation sessions to be eligible for the Majors draft. However, we recommend attending all tryout sessions for maximum exposure and player evaluation. ALL PLAYERS WILL BE ASSIGNED A TEAM. There are no player evaluations for the Rookies and Tee Ball divisions.

Q. When are player evaluations?

A: Player Evaluations for Intermediate, Majors, and AAA are typically in early February. Check the league calendar for specific dates, times, and location.

Q: What if I can't make player evaluations?

A: You should contact the Player Agent at [email protected] as it could affect eligibility for the Majors divisions, but your player will still be assigned a team in a division.

Q: What if I would like to help coach a team? What if I would like to volunteer? How can I get involved?

A: Please see our Volunteer Information page. Included is instructions on how to apply to manage or coach a team, and what you need to do to volunteer. We rely 100% on volunteers, so please get involved as much as you can. We would love your help. Additionally, we are always looking for Board Members and Director positions, so contact us if you are willing to help!

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